Dynamat-Xmat / Carpet

There’s probably not many posts about this, but I decided to replace the ageing carpet in my 1992 camaro, and it left me wanting to do all sorts of crazy things while it was apart.

old carpet

This included cleaning the floor pans and sealing it with product, adding dynamat (xmat) for heat and sound barrier, and rewiring some things

First, the entire interior needs to be removed aside from the headliner, a pillars, and dash

Next I cleaned up any surface oxidation with CLR/wire brush (there wasn’t really any). Then using Eastwoods Rubberized Rust Encapsulator and a brush, I coated the entire floor. It took about 2 full cans $50/can to complete this job. You will need a full face mask/filter to work with this stuff or you’ll get very sick. Allow the stuff to dry for a least a few days so it cures fully

Next I decided to dynamat (xmat) the car for sound proofing / temp reduction. I purchased 2 full boxes of Eastwoods XMAT #15841. Comes with 9 sheets, each 18″ x 31″ covering 34.8sq ft. It has an adhesive backing, thick dense rubber matting, with foil on top.

1 box is approximately 38lbs, with the box weighing about 3lbs. Expect 9 sheets without the box, without the paper backing to add about 35lbs to your car. Since I’m adding 18 sheets, about 70lbs will be added


Here’s a reference for how much area 1 sheet will approximately cover. Note the material hasn’t been “pushed” down to fit the contours of the floorpan, so it looks like it covers more than it does. For the front, including trans tunnel I calculated about 9 sheets needed (1 box)

I started from the trunk area first, but you can start wherever you like. Inevitably there will be some gaps, just remember although you should avoid it as much as possible, in those weird fitting area you CAN overlap a little bit as the stuff is only 1/8″ thick, and the carpet will hide the imperfections.

Will update as I finish

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