How to add a functional e-brake with 4th gen (LS1 style) backing plates

First method is the easiest, and that would be to utilize your existing 3rd gen ebrake cable and adjuster, and buy the swap cables from hawks.

Note, the top 2 ends connect to your existing ebrake cable at the front, the 2 bottom left end hook around the ebrake levers at each wheel

You’ll also need a set of brackets for the rear end that hold the cables. You can source them from hawks or a junkyard ls1 car.

I had these powdercoated for $40 locally

If you’re retarded like me and swapped over to a 4th gen e-brake cable, you’ll need a set of standard 4th gen e-brake cables

Note the 2 right ends fit into the 4th gen ebrake cable bracket, and the 2 left ends hook around the backing plate levers at each wheel. I measured these at 13.68mm OD at the clip, and 58.5″ end to end, 49.75″ collar to collar

You’ll also need a bracket to hold the cables under the car,326960.html

Line up the plate under the car in approximately this position, and mark the 4 holes for mounting. Using a 1/4″ drill bit, drill the holes and insert bolts from the bottom with washers at the top & bottom using torque prevailing lock nuts to secure. Then you’ll need to forcefully open up the equalizer bracket using screw drivers and pliers so you can get the cable ends “in” the holes. Using a pair of big pliers, you can crush the bracket together to trap the ends. That should be it for this end
Buy the following hardware from Autozone, you’ll need 4 bolts, 8 washers, 4 lock nuts total for the next step
Mount the brackets to the rear end using the hardware as shown. Additionally you can trim the top “ear” of the bracket so that it sits “flush” to the rear, but I opted out of doing this for vanity sake. (already powdercoated)
Hook the loop around the backing plate bracket
Insert the cable end into the bracket
cable routing guide

Now you’re done! Test your e-brake out and if it’s still too loose, take your rotors off and adjust the parking brake shoes out further

That’s it!
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