Adding a Hatch Release Switch

This conversion was done a 1992 Camaro, with the newest style hatch pulldown unit. Previous years may be different

Parts needed (typically):

Hatch release switch (can source from a junk yard or Hawks brand new)

3 Pin Reversing Relay (Top Down Solutions sells these)

Release Block (Top Down Solutions)


This installation usually is pretty easy and straight forward. Take the center console out and look around for the wires. The switch goes to this connector. Leave it out for now. You will need to trace it

The relay plugs into this connector. You can plug it in right away.

Next with the center console out, trace a piece of spare cardboard or plastic and cut a mock up hole so you can insert the switch into it. I used a dremel with a plastic reaming bit.


Once you get the shape to your liking, place your stencil onto your center console and trace the hole. Note the position of factory cuts. Get yours as close as possible to the center location before cutting.

Here’s mine after cutting. The switch looks good in it’s spot. Now you can put it all back together


If this is a 1992
Next take apart your rear trunk trim to expose the hatch motor. It will look like this.

Now it’s time to install the release block from TDS. Note the location and position of the two screws and block.

Now this is where my setup got really screwy. If you pay attention to the 1st pic above with the block installed, I’m missing something in my hatch pulldown. It’s supposed to be installed in the motor unit but it broke off years ago I suppose.

This is what is missing. It’s missing off the nub in the pictures above.

The arm above twists into these channels to “pop” the trunk lid off the hatch motor at the top of the stoke. The hatch “popping” off the motor also stops the motor from moving. Because without this, your hatch will simply go up, then come right back down without ever releasing.

If you’re missing this part, you are SOL unless you can find a used motor with this part. I had to pay about $50 for the part shipped from Hawks used.

Put it all back together and it should work.

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