4th Gen Plastic Tank Swap

NOTE: This article is a WIP. This notice will be removed when completed

4th Gen Fuel Tank Swap 99-02 (Plastic Tank)
The point of this article is to show everyone the proper way to do a fuel tank swap with accurate, working gauges. The factory tank has no bucket and when below 1/2 tank, can often times leave your engine struggling for fuel during hard corners. The plastic tank fixes this issue

1) 99-2002 FBody Plastic Tank Complete w/Fuel module, wiring, evap canister, filler neck (and the bolt for the filler neck)
2) Stainless steel tank straps (Classic Industries sells them part# FT1104B)
3) 0-90 OHM Fuel Level Sender – GM Part #25319676 (97 grand prix non-supercharged)
OR Herko Fuel Level Sensor GFC 31 (NOT 13, 13 is a 40-250ohm confirmed 6-30-2020)

4) Soldering Iron w/Solder
5) Electrical Tape / Heat Shrink

First, remove your old tank. When you get the new tank in, you should have something like this:

Here’s a good photo to ID all the parts of the tank correctly. The thing circled in yellow is the only part I’m not sure about.

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